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About This Radio Script

30 Second Radio Commercial ScriptsThis 30 second radio commercial script was written for a music festival in Beloit, Wisconsin called Beloit Riverfest. It uses humor and a familiar situation to promote the festival’s main headliners as well as their other attractions. When writing for 30 second scripts, you have to be quick and to the point, and this spot accomplishes that.

30 Second Script Example:

Setting: Drill Sergeant addressing a group of Marines

SERGEANT: (in loud Marine-type voice. Older sounding) Marines! I hear that some of you are sneaking off base to attend Beloit Riverfest. Is this true Private?

PRIVATE: (in loud, country sounding voice) Yes Sir!

SERGEANT: And why would you disobey my rules Private?

PRIVATE: Well, in part because of the great music, Sir.

SERGEANT: And what type of music will be there?

PRIVATE: Their headliners are Ted Nugent, KC and the Sunshine Band, Blue Oyster Cult and Diamond Rio, Sir!

SERGEANT: (starting to sound a little interested) Hmmm, and what else is there to do at Beloit Riverfest?

PRIVATE: There’s delicious food, 4 music stages and tons of special events, Sir!

SERGEANT: Well Private, I think we should all sneak off base for Beloit Riverfest. Who else is with me?

Sound: Cheers from the troops.
Sounds: Fun, part-type music plays in the background

ANNCR: Why not sneak away? Come to Beloit Riverfest on July 11th through the 14th. Located in beautiful Beloit, Wisconsin. For more information, call 1-800-4-BELOIT or visit beloitriverfest.com.


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