60 Second Radio Commercial Script

60 Second Radio Commercial Script

About This Radio Commercial

This 60 second radio commercial script is written for a music festival and uses a conversational humor. It’s goal is to engage listeners and promote the festival’s headlining music acts as well as it’s other features. The familiar “Twilight Zone” narrator helps the pace of the conversation and keeps listeners’ attention.

The script ends with a call to action – either phone or visit the website for more information to reach the ultimate goal of driving attendance to the festival.

60 Second Script Example:

Sound: Twilight Zone type. Narrator’s voice in Rod Sterling tone

ANNCR: Here we find two seemingly innocent friends at a Fourth of July cookout. Their conversation turns to Beloit Riverfest, which happens to be exactly one week away.

Setting: 4th of July cookout, the week before Riverfest.

Sounds: The grilling of food, beers popping open, people talking in the background.

BOB: (in an excited voice) Hey Joe, did you know Beloit Riverfest is coming up next week?

JOE: (in an uninterested voice) Ya, I think I heard something about it.

BOB: They have a great lineup this year – Ted Nugent, KC and the Sunshine Band, Blue Oyster Cult and Diamond Rio.

JOE: Ya, it sounds like a good time. I might end up going if I don’t have anything better to do.

BOB: They also have four side stages, two food courts and tons of vendors. I can’t wait to go!

Sound: Twilight Zone type. Narrator’s voice in Rod Sterling tone

ANNCR: These two friends are about to realize the consequences of their decisions. Now let’s forward into the future, exactly one week after Beloit Riverfest.

BOB: Wow! I had a great time at Beloit Riverfest last week. All my friends were there, the music was great and the food was delicious. Too bad you couldn’t make it Joe, what did you end up doing?

JOE: Ah, not much. Played Parcheesi with my grandma and her friends.

BOB: (in a sarcastic, laughing voice) Ah ya, sounds like a great time.

ANNCR: Don’t become like Joe. Unless you like old ladies and Parcheesi, head down to Beloit Riverfest on July 11th through the 14th. Music, food and fun awaits. Located on the beautiful Rock River in Beloit, Wisconsin. For more information, call 1-800-4-BELOIT or visit beloitriverfest.com. That’s 1-800-4-BELOIT or beloitriverfest.com.

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