Radio Ad Script

About This 60 Second Radio Ad Script

The following radio ad script was written for a consulting firm who wanted to show prospects that they will help them see the big picture in the light of changes. This type of radio ad script places two business associates in a familiar scenario.

Radio Ad Script Example

Setting: Two business people, John and Julie, meet for a quick lunch at a busy downtown restaurant

Sound: The sound of a busy restaurant at lunch – people talking, plates and glasses clinking

JULIE: Hi John, thanks for inviting me to lunch. So what did you want to discuss?

JOHN: Well Julie, I feel like my company is at a turning point and we’re really having trouble figuring out where we go next.

JULIE:Let me guess, with things like new competitors, new markets and new technologies it’s getting harder to see the big picture, right?

JOHN: Yes, that’s exactly right.

JULIE: Well, there’s a company called XYZ Consulting that I think can help you. They helped me see the big picture and change my business for the better.

JOHN: So how did they help you change your business?

JULIE: They did an analysis of my business and the marketplace, which helped me see things differently. Then they created a practical plan on where to take my business in the future.

JOHN: Wow, that’s exactly what I need.

JULIE: Then you should contact XYZ for a free consultation at 975-555-5555 or go to their Web site at Again that’s 975-555-5555 or

JOHN: Great, I’ll contact XYZ as soon as I get back to the office. Now let’s eat!


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