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Sample Newsletter Article

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The sample newsletter article below was used to help launch a new product for an IT company. Newsletter articles are generally 300-600 words in length. They can be sent via email or direct mail.

As the sample article below does, it’s OK to soft-sell your readers on products and services. However, you should make sure that your newsletter contains valuable information on the industry, business and other topics to keep your readership happy.

Sample Newsletter Article:


A firewall is typically defined as a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. But the Managed Security Gateway from the Guardians of Data isn’t your typical firewall.

Our new Managed Security Gateway service goes above and beyond the norm. In addition to preventing unauthorized access, it can give you real-time virus protection, Web and e-mail content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, and even VPN services. All of this is managed by Norlight, which means you won’t have to worry about updating your firewall software or signature files. Sounds pretty good, huh? Now let’s talk about those features that will leave you with a protected network and more time on your hands.

This is the typical part where you’ll get a firewall that prevents unauthorized access to your network. The firewall is managed by the Guardians of Data, which means you’ll get automated updates and policy changes.

Real-Time Virus Protection
Now this is where things start to get interesting. Through a real-time anti-virus solution, Norlight closes your vulnerability window by stopping viruses and worms before they enter your network. This solution scans e-mail attachments, Web and FTP traffic, and VPN connections in real-time, without degrading your network performance.

Content Filtering
These days, content filtering isn’t just about playing “big brother.” Web sites can contain malicious scripts that exploit vulnerabilities in your network and allow hackers to steal personal information from your employees. In addition, you can block your employees from viewing or listening to non-work-related material, thus improving their productivity.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Those hackers can be tricky at times – but if they trick you and get into your network, you could have intrusion detection and prevention working on your side. Norlight’s Managed Security Gateway will detect and prevent a multitude of intrusions and attacks, including denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Norlight’s Managed Security Gateway includes Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities so you can use the Internet for private site-to-site and remote access communications.

So do you want a little more out of your firewall? Give the Guardians of Data a call at 1-800-747-8332.

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